Candidate profile : Thomas Galvin



Prospect Town Council

Thomas Galvin

Age: 62

Occupation: Retired Banker

Past political posts: Town Council (4 Years) – Planning & Zoning (7 Years)

Do you think Prospect needs policies regarding wind energy? What form should such policies take?

“It is important that Prospect continues to maintain regulations to protect all of its residents from anything that could possibly threaten their health, safety or security. Local rules need to evolve along with the ever changing technology and also work in concert with applicable federal and state regulations. Our local boards devote a lot time and effort to making sure necessary protections are in place, and that is an ongoing effort.”

What is your plan for economic development in Prospect?

“The ongoing downturn of the national economy has had an impact on Prospect, which has lost a number of its commercial/business operations. Our mill rate, which is lower than most of our neighboring towns, makes us an attractive alternative for a business looking to save on taxes. This, along with increased access to water and gas lines will position Prospect to grow its business base as the economy improves.

How do you plan to approach the next budget cycle?

“In Prospect we throw nickels around like they were manhole covers. That is why our municipal budget reflects to lowest per capita spending of any town in our area. We make sure that our residents get the best possible services at the lowest possible cost. This is how we in Prospect always approach the budget process.”

If elected, what are your priorities and goals?

“To keep our spending low and our quality of life high by continuing to deliver an honest budget that reflects the conservative nature of our town, and one that helps assure that Prospect will always be the ‘Best Small Town in Connecticut.’”