Candidate profile : Theresa Graveline


Prospect Town Council

Theresa Graveline

Age: 52

Occupation: Accounts manager for small local finance company

Past political posts: Town Council member since 1993

Education: B.A.S.: Salve Regina College – Nursing and Spanish

Do you think Prospect needs policies regarding wind energy? What form should such policies take?

“Since wind energy is a relatively new resource, it has not been evaluated as extensively as other forms of energy with regard to its impact on people, the landscape or the environment. I support the Planning and Zoning Commission’s recent vote to enact a one year moratorium on wind project applications for less than one megawatt.  During that year, I believe the P&Z should establish policies with parameters which will limit the negative impacts of wind projects while providing a safe means to employ this energy source on a residential basis. I am hopeful that the Connecticut Siting Council and the state legislature will take into full consideration all of the information that was presented during the hearings last spring and will determine appropriate regulations for commercial wind projects over one megawatt which is their jurisdiction.”

What is your plan for economic development in Prospect?

“It is important to maintain and protect the small town atmosphere and “greenness” that defines the Prospect that we all enjoy. At the same time we must find ways to encourage controlled business development and clean industry to improve our employment and tax bases. Our Economic Development Commission has been dormant for far too many years. I would truly like to see that commission be revitalized.”

How do you plan to approach the next budget cycle?

“I will approach the next budget cycle as I have every year that I have served on the Town Council — by evaluating the budget line by line, comparing past years’ expenditures, and seeking ways to streamline costs. Without question, we must continue to keep our focus on holding down expenses, while maintaining our buildings and infrastructure, providing good services and getting the most benefit from our tax revenue. It is very important to make certain that our budget reflects the true cost of operating the town of Prospect. I would like to see a more comprehensive budget presentation so that the average citizen, as well as council members, will be able to pick up a budget and actually understand how his or her tax dollars are spent without spending hours combing through reams of paper. I will also encourage more consistent and expanded use of the town website to provide budget and town operations information.”

If elected, what are your priorities and goals?

“As a council member, my priority is always to make decisions which strive to protect and safeguard the finances and values of the citizens of Prospect. Specifically, I would like to work on ordinances to reduce taxes for Prospect senior citizens, who have supported our town with their tax dollars for many decades. In addition, I would like to begin to address the need for true affordable senior housing. Such a facility will enable our elders to continue to enjoy living in the town which has been their home for so many years, but without the difficulties and expense of maintaining a private dwelling. I also believe addressing the issue of water and sewer line assessments is long overdue. We need to have a financial plan in place to address the eventuality of installing and maintaining these lines since we cannot count on state grant money indefinitely.”