Candidate profile : Stanley Pilat



Prospect Town Council

Stanley Pilat

Age: 60

Occupation: Biomedical Equipment Technician

Past political posts: Chairman Region 16 Board of Education, Chairman Prospect Inland/Wetlands Commission, present vice-chairman Republican Town Committee

Education:High School graduate and Electronic Technical School graduate

Do you think Prospect needs policies regarding wind energy? What form should such policies take? 

“The state and federal government have seen it as their responsibility to encourage and facilitate wind and solar energy development. As such it is their responsibility to make laws and regulations that provide for its safe and economic development. When such developments affect the residents of Prospect in any negative way then those residents should be protected to the full extent of the powers of all their local representatives.”

What is your plan for economic development in Prospect?

“Keeping the taxes low by presenting a reasonable budget year after year make Prospect a good place to locate a business.”

How do you plan to approach the next budget cycle?

“The Town Council along with the mayor sees the budget requests, meets with each department director or supervisor and questions every proposed expenditure and weights in the town’s ability to pay before presenting to the residents for their comments. Only then do we send the budget to the residents for their vote.”

If elected, what are your priorities and goals?

“My priorities have and always will be to listen to the residents’ concerns, make those concerns my own and keep the residents as informed as possible of the processes and outcomes of local government.”