Candidate profile: Laurie Taf Jackson

Laurie Jackson
Laurie Jackson

Laurie Taf Jackson


Burgess candidate

Why are you running for this position?

“I was raised in a family which believes that giving back to the community is a duty, as well as a pleasure. And, that public service, through elected office is a way to fulfill that duty. My mother was a burgess for 10 years and the first woman Mayor of Naugatuck for four years. She has been a teacher and a role model for me. Throughout those years, I have attended not only the borough board meetings, but also finance and joint board meetings. Having been present at those meetings has been like taking courses in local government, providing me with real life experiences that you cannot learn from books alone.”

Have you ever held public office in the past? If so, what position and when?

“Yes. I am currently a Justice of the Peace in the Town of Naugatuck, having been elected in November 2008. I also have an appointed position as a member of the Naugatuck Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. I serve as vice chairperson.

I’m a member of the Naugatuck Democratic Town Committee to which I was elected by my fellow Democrats in the Borough of Naugatuck. I was also elected by the members of the town committee to service as their vice chairperson.”

What experiences make you qualified for this position?

“As a member of the Naugatuck Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, I have worked on issues such as budgets, contracts, labor contracts, resident issues, legal issues, all of which are types of items that come before the borough board. I’m a former member of the Parent Teacher Organization at Maple Hill School where I’ve held the offices of president, vice president and treasurer. I’m currently a para-professional steward of AFSCME Local 1303 which would give me insight when dealing with labor issues. I truly believe that these experiences provide a diversified level of knowledge that would be valuable to any member of the Board of Burgesses.”

If elected, what are your priorities and goals?

“Any priorities to be achieved and any goals to be completed, must be done through balance. That is a balance between the services that need to be provided to all the people of our town and our resident’s ability to pay for those services, especially our senior citizens and young families. Public safety and a quality education is a concern to us all. We need to provide all of our municipal departments with the tools they need to deliver those services. I know how diligently the employees of the Town of Naugatuck work to provide services that our community requires. However, as a homeowner and taxpayer, I know how hard it is to make ends meet in these tough economic times.”