Candidate profile: Henry Kuczenski

Henry Kuczenski
Henry Kuczenski

Henry Kuczenski Sr.


Burgess candidate

Why are you running for this position?

“I am running for burgess because I feel we have to do all we can to keep our taxes down. With the federal and state taxes going up, along with a tax on everything, I don’t know how those on a fixed income are going to live on what they get. As far as I can see, there is no middle class anymore, you are either rich or you’re poor.  The government has taxed out the middle class. We have no more to give. We have to work together to get Renaissance Place up and running.”

Have you held public office in the past? If so, what positions and when?

“I have been a burgess for the past two years and a bailiff for six years.”

What experience makes you qualified for this position?

“I feel that as your burgess for the past two years, I have gained a lot of experience in what it takes to make Naugatuck a better place and what we as burgesses working together have to do to make it even better. As a police officer for over 30 years, I have seen both the good and not so good side of people, but I have always treated everyone with respect and tried to work things out. As your burgess, I will work hard for all the residents of Naugatuck no matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, or independent.

That I promise you. Together we can make Naugatuck a better place to work and live.”

If elected, what are your priorities and goals?

“My priorities as your burgess will be Renaissance Place. We need this to bring in extra tax revenue. We can not continue to count on the homeowners and small businesses for our tax revenue. I will also continue to work with the Board of Education in trying to either strike or lower the pay for play sports policy. I feel that sports are part of education and that parents have enough to pay for. As in my first campaign, I will not be having any fundraisers or take any donations from anyone. All I ask for is your vote on May 2, and I will give you 100 percent and do what is best for Naugatuck and you. I will continue to work on the tax relief for the elderly and do what I can to help the senior center and housing authority of which I am a liaison officer.”