Candidate profile : Douglas Merriman



Prospect Town Council

Douglas Merriman

Age: 76

Occupation: Retired teacher

Past political posts: Board of Education, 1977-1981. Town Council: 28 years. Town Council Chair: 1987-1997. Library Board. Representative to Bristol Resource Committee.

Education: BA, Southern Connecticut State University. Master’s Degree, University of Connecticut. 6th Year, Southern Connecticut State University.

Do you think Prospect needs policies regarding wind energy? What form should such policies take?

“Back up the new state regulations with our own via the Zoning Board.”

What is your plan for economic development in Prospect?

“Growth in recent years due to the extension of water lines — controlled growth.”

How do plan to approach the next budget cycle?

“With the same eye on spending people’s tax money as conservatively as possible.”

If elected, what are your priorities and goals?

“To continue wise use of tax dollars, while fulfilling necessary needs of all Prospect citizens. To maintain an excellent fire department with the best equipment available as well as supporting our excellent town crew with the best equipment available.”