Candidate profile: Donna Cullen




Board of Education

Donna Cullen

Age: 46

Occupation: Principal

Past political posts: Region 16 Board of Education 2 years

Education: 6th Year Degree in Administration

What should be the educational priorities of the school district?

The State of Connecticut has adopted new National Curriculum Standards so time must be spent aligning these standards to Region 16 curriculum.”

How do you plan to approach the next budget cycle?

“The superintendent and the Board of Education have planned budget workshops so that appropriate time can be spent discussing and prioritizing budget items. Our first priority is making sure students have access to what they need in order to be successful, while maintaining a conservative budget plan.”

What are your qualifications for this position? 

I have 23 years of experience as a teacher and administrator. I have served on the Board of Education now for three years.”

What do you feel is the most important issue affecting students today? And how would you address it?

“Students today are expected to meet high academic standards as well as meet the new demands of 21st century skills. It is important that we offer experiences to students that will prepare them for jobs of the future.”