Candidate profile: David T. Wartko




Board of Education

David Wartko

Age: 59

Occupation:  Retired Contractor

Past Political Posts:  Board of Education 2009 to Present: Policy Committee, Chairman of Technology Committee, Public Communications Committee; Water Pollution Control Authority – 1/22/08 to Present; Board of Assessment Appeals – 2007 to 2009, Chairman 2009

Education:  Shelton High School, 1970

What should be the educational priorities of the school district?

“As a community it is our responsibility to build a foundation for a lifetime of learning for our students while limiting the financial burden to our citizens.”

How do you plan to approach the next budget cycle?

“First and foremost our goal must be to give a quality education to our students with emphasis on core subjects. We must continue to look for ways to run the region efficiently using energy savings, technology, and careful planning.”

What are your qualifications for this position?

“I was an executive of large businesses since 1978. I started a remodeling and contracting business in 1987. During my many years in business, I learned the importance of having a solid business strategy. The school district is the same only the product is an educated student body. As in business we have a limited budget and must strive to stay within that budget while having the greatest impact possible.”

What do you feel is the most important issue affecting students today? And how would you address it?

“Issues arise as we move forward and as times change. We must continue to be proactive and address each one as it arises. Then work toward the best solutions for our students and our communities.”