Candidate profile: Chip Aldrich




Board of Education

Chip Aldrich

Age: 54

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Teacher

Past political posts: None

What should be the educational priorities of the school district?

“I think the educational priorities of the school district should be to provide safe and stimulating educational environments for all students, to provide students with skill training that will promote success in the 21st Century, and to be economically conscientious in achieving these goals.”

How do you plan to approach the next budget cycle?

“I think the most we can ask of our elected representatives is to be thoughtful and efficient in spending our tax money. The school district has a mission statement which says, in part … “The mission of Regional School District #16 is to provide high quality educational opportunities through the use of traditional, experiential, and creative instructional practices…”  Whether elected or not, I plan to publicly analyze how true we are being to our word. I felt the reduction of our high school culinary program, during this past budget season, was a miscarriage of financial priorities, which violated our stated commitment to our students.

What are your qualifications for this position?

“I feel that my qualifications include my degrees, along with my 22 years of experience in teaching. I have obtained specialized training in utilizing technology to aid in instruction. I feel that this is an underdeveloped area, both within our district and within our state. In addition, I have worked in a variety of jobs within the private sector – from banking, to carpentry, to food service – which I feel have provided me with a working knowledge of the skill set that employers are looking for. I want the students of Region 16 to have this same advantage.”

What do you feel is the most important issue affecting students today? And how would you address it?

“I think that preparing students with 21st century work skills – strong academic skills, reasoning, teamwork skills, and proficiency in using technology – should be a paramount concern. I would like to see Region 16 expand our positive reputation by becoming an educational leader in student technology training opportunities. I am aware of partnerships that have been developed between private sector employers and schools within the New Haven magnet school system. I would like to see Region 16 take a proactive role in establishing partnerships with area corporations to promote internships and specific skill training. It is a win-win outcome for both sides.”


  1. As someone who has known Chip Aldrich for many years, and had children learn under his expert teaching,I highly recommend everyone support Chip for BOE. Concern for students, thorough in every aspect of education and just a plain nice guy who is easily approachable. As a teacher or a coach, they don’t come any better.
    Rocky Vitale