Candidate profile: Carl Graveline



Prospect Town Council

Age: 52
Occupation: Real estate broker/appraiser
Past political posts: Town Council: Six years. Zoning Board of Appeals: Four years. Water Pollution Control Authority: Four years. Presently on the Town Council and the Ordinance Subcommittee and Pensions and Benefits Subcommittee.
Education: BS, University of Connecticut.
Do you think Prospect needs policies regarding wind energy? What form should such policies take?
“Yes, the zoning regulations need to be studied/analyzed and hearings held, so as proper regulations can be adopted.”
What is your plan for economic development in Prospect?
“I support economic development in Prospect. The Economic Development Commission needs to promote Prospect more.”
How do plan to approach the next budget cycle?
“With fiscal responsibility.”
If elected, what are your priorities and goals?
“To keep the present administration accountable for sound fiscal conservative policies, which reflect the best interests of the townspeople.”