Burgesses receive liaison appointments



NAUGATUCK — Mayor Robert Mezzo recently appointed burgesses to serve as liaisons to borough departments and boards.

Deputy Mayor Tamath Rossi was appointed to the Elderly Commission, Fire Commission and Naugatuck Economic Development Corporation.

Michael Bronko was appointed to the Naugatuck Day Care, Park Commission and River Walk Commission.

Robert Burns was appointed to the Pension Review Board, River Walk Commission, street lights liaison and Visiting Nurses Association.

Catherine Ernsky was appointed to the Arts Commission, Naugatuck Economic Development Corp. and Street Department.

Laurie Taf Jackson was appointed to the Golf Commission, Housing Authority, Park Commission, Police Commission and Naugatuck Youth Soccer.

Robert Neth was appointed to the Finance Board and Parks Commission.

Alexander Olbrys was appointed to the Arts Commission, Day Care Commission, Planning Commission, River Walk Commission and Visiting Nurses Association.

Patrick Scully was appointed to the Economic Development Commission, Inland Wetlands Commission, River Walk Commission, Water Pollution Control Authority and Zoning Commission.

Rocky Vitale was appointed to the Finance Committee, Fire Commission, Police Commission and Street Commission.