Burgesses receive liaison appointments


NAUGATUCK — Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess appointed burgesses to serve as liaisons to various local departments and commissions during the Board of Mayor and Burgesses meeting Tuesday.

The following is a list of burgesses and the departments for which they will be responsible:

Robert Neth, Finance Board and Parks Commission; Robert Burns, Pension Board, Naugatuck Police Department, the Naugatuck River Walk Committee and will be responsible for street lights; Kathleen Donovan, Finance Board and Zoning Commission; Carl Herb, Board of Education and Planning Commission; Dorothy Hoff, Arts Commission, Elderly Commission, Board of Finance, Naugatuck Economic Development Corporation (NEDC), and River Walk Commission; Laurie Taf Jackson, Elderly Commission, Housing Authoirty, NEDC, Parks Commission and Naugatuck Police Department; Patrick Scully, NEDC, Water Pollution Control Authority, Zoning Commission and River Walk Commission; Rocky Vitale, Fire Commission, Parks Commission and Police Commission; and Donald Wisniewski, Board of Finance, NEDC, Parks Commission, Police Commission and River Walk Commission.