Budget transfers to pay for truck, repairs


NAUGATUCK — The Joint Boards of Mayor and Burgesses and Finance last week approved transfers totaling $105,000 from contingency to pay for a new plow truck and repairs to vehicles.

About $70,000 of that money will be used to buy a new a Ford F550 with a plow and sander, Public Works Director James Stewart said. The truck will place a 1996 F550, which is in disrepair, he said.

The other $35,000 the department requested will pay for repairs to vehicles.

“We had some very significant repairs to vehicles and we expect to be completely out of our budget by the end of the month,” Stewart said.

Stewart said he is going to need the money because there are often repairs that need to be made to plow trucks after snow storms.

The contingency account stood at $500,000 prior to the transfer.