Borough’s grand list goes up slightly


NAUGATUCK — The borough’s 2014 grand list saw a minimal increase.

The net grand list for Oct. 1, 2014 is $1.58 billion, an increase of $10.3 million or about 0.65 percent from 2013. A municipality’s grand list is a tabulation of the assessed values of real estate, personal property and motor vehicles.

The assessed value of personal property saw the largest monetary increase. Assessed personal property is $92 million, a $6.86 million or 8.05 percent increase from the 2013 grand list.

The assessed value of motor vehicles went up $3.67 million or 2.13 percent from the 2013 grand list to $175.9 million.

Assessor George Hlavacek attributed these increases to an upturn in the economy.

The borough saw a decline in real estate assessment. Assessed real estate dropped by $223,210 or 0.01 percent to $1.31 billion.

Hlavacek said he couldn’t find a specific reason for the drop, since it was so minimal.

Using the current mill rate of 44.27, the increase in the grand list equals about $450,000 in new tax revenue, Hlavacek said.

Top ten taxpayers

Connecticut Light and Power, $17,603,170

Yankee Gas, $17,392,130
Connecticut Water Company, $16,515,580

Wal-Mart, $11,879,500

Garden Homes Naugatuck, $9,216,220

Mancinone Realty, $7,989,310

Bridge Shopping Ctr LTD, $7,393,480

Ansonia Acquisitions LLC, $6,563,620

Southwood Gardens LLC, $5,365,990

Genesis Health Ventures, $4,578,720

The figures represent the combined assessment for the taxpayers. List provided by the Naugatuck Assessor’s Office.