Borough sees growth in grand list


NAUGATUCK — The borough’s grand list has increased slightly.

Naugatuck’s 2017 grand list is $1.62 billion, an increase of $20.28 million, or 1.26 percent, over the 2016 grand list.

A municipality’s grand list is a tabulation of the assessed values of real estate, personal property and motor vehicles.

Based on the current mill rate of 48.55, the increase in the grand list equates to $984,931 in additional tax revenue.

Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess said the borough is pleased to have an increase before it begins moving forward with larger projects such as “The Port of Naugatuck,” a proposed rail-to-truck transportation hub that would include an inland port where goods could go through customs on a mostly-vacant 86.5 acre parcel of land along Elm Street.

“We are very happy with the growth given the fact that we are growing before any of our larger projects even begin kicking in,” Hess said.

The assessed value of real estate increased by nearly $11 million, or 0.8 percent, to $1.34 billion.

Assessor Carol Ann Tyler said the increase was due, in part, to new construction in the borough.

In addition, the borough has been active in seeking out properties that either owe back taxes, or those that have never been taxed and getting them back onto the tax rolls, Tyler said.

“We are doing our job a lot better,” Tyler said. “Things are moving here.”

The assessed value of personal property increased by $13.39 million, or 14.8 percent, to $103.67 million.

Tyler said the primary reason for that jump was that the borough started taxing solar panels that have been leased from companies. The solar panels, which are predominantly on personal residences, weren’t taxed before, she said. The solar panels are included in the personal property assessments for the companies that lease them.

In addition, a number of companies bought equipment this year, which helped fuel the increase of personal property, she added.

The assessed value of motor vehicles decreased by $4.08 million, or 2.2 percent, to $178.61 million.

Tyler said the borough is short about 500 cars on its totals from its tax rolls.

“We don’t know where they are. They may have gone to a different town,” Tyler said. “We are down that amount of cars. The ‘why’ is a mystery.”

Overall, Hess sees the increase in the grand list as a prelude of things to come in the borough.

“We are showing strength and better than average growth as a prelude to our larger projects that will lead to even greater growth,” Hess said.

Top Ten Taxpayers

Yankee Gas Services Co.….$24,283,820

Connecticut Light & Power Co.….$23,130,810

Connecticut Water Company….$14,117,180

Mancinone Realty….$10,568,660

Garden Homes Naugatuck….$9,215,240

Wal-Mart Real Estate….$8,599,800

Bridge Shopping Ctr Ltd….$7,393,480

Ansonia Acquisitions I LLC….$6,639,340

Connecticut Water Co….$5,537,850

Southwood Gardens LLC….$5,366,010

The figures denote the combined real estate, personal property and motor vehicle assessments for the taxpayers listed. Figures provided by the Naugatuck Assessor’s Office.