Borough puts together claim for FEMA


NAUGATUCK — The borough has tallied the cost of cleaning up from a storm in May that saw tornadoes touch down in the area.

In August, President Donald Trump approved Gov. Dannel Malloy’s request for a disaster declaration needed for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide reimbursement to Connecticut towns in New Haven and Fairfield counties.

Public Works Director James Stewart said the borough is putting a claim in for about $108,000.

The figures includes $83,000 for overtime for the police, fire and public works employees to clean up after the storm, as well as the cost of debris removal. The borough is also seeking reimbursement for $25,000 spent for work done by employees during regular time.

If approved, FEMA would reimburse each municipality 75 percent of its submitted costs,

Stewart said. There is no set date as to when a decision would be made, he said.