Borough police warn of scam


NAUGATUCK — A scam is circulating around Naugatuck involving smoke detector inspections.

The scam involves calls to residents from people claiming to represent the Naugatuck Fire Department. According to police, the callers try to set up appointments with residents to inspect their smoke detectors. Police believe the callers are trying to gain access to homes to then steal items from the houses.

The scam has been directed at a large number of single family and elderly residences, police said. The fire department doesn’t request to inspect smoke detectors in a single family home, police said. The department focus on multi-family homes, police said.

Anyone who receives such a call can call the fire department at (203) 720-7082 to see if it is legitimate. Residents are also asked to call the fire department and Naugatuck Police Department at (203) 720-7082 to report any scam phone calls.