Borough looks for better garbage barrel placement


The Naugatuck Public Works Department released this photo depicting how not to place automated garbage and recycling barrels. CONTRIBUTED

NAUGATUCK — The borough is asking residents to be more conscientious when it comes to placing their automated garbage and recycling barrels at the curb.

Sheila Baummer, recycling and solid waste coordinator, said in a prepared release that for the last several weeks Naugatuck’s automated truck drivers have left some barrels uncollected due to “placement problems.”

Since the borough began its automated trash collection, she said drivers have moved carts, left notes, and talked to residents about the placement of barrels in an effort to inform residents on the need to have the carts set out in more accessible locations.

The arm on the automated truck needs about three feet of clearance between other barrels, mail boxes, telephone poles, and other items to surround and lift the barrel, the release stated. If there’s not enough room, the barrels can be knocked over.

Beginning this week, the town has sent an employee out on the route before the truck to check and correct placement on as many carts as possible before the trucks start their route, the release stated. At stops where they’ve seen a problem they’ve moved the carts apart and left a sticker on the cart as a notice and reminder.

Naugatuck Public Works is asking all residents who have automated collection to consider where they place their carts and to always allow three feet of clearance. The truck will not be able to return to stops that were not collected due to misplaced carts or late placement at the curb.

For more information, call Naugatuck Public Works at (203) 720-7071 or e-mail

-Elio Gugliotti