Borough looking to add kindergarten class

Enrollment is high in borough kindergarten classes, inculding those at Salem School.

NAUGATUCK — Enrollment in the district’s kindergarten classes is up 61 students over last year, according to Assistant Superintendent Brigitte Crispino.

Tentative enrollment figures at Salem School puts 27 students in each of its two kindergarten classes, Crispino said.

She said she would be looking at what the district can do about the large classes after registration finishes later this week. She said the district is looking at adding one kindergarten class, but hasn’t decided where that class will be.

A second grade position recently opened up due to a retirement and a first grade teacher from Central Avenue School moved into that position. Since enrollment is down for Central Avenue first grade, that position will likely be left unfilled and instead the district will hire a kindergarten teacher, Crispino said.

She said the Board of Education would have to vote on such a move, but didn’t know when they would do so.

Crispino said such reshuffling of resources is common. Last year, the district added a fourth grade class at Maple Hill Elementary School and one class at Western Avenue School, Crispino said.

Crispino said it is hard to know how many students the district will have as many families move over the summer, especially at the beginning and end of the month.

“You have no way of knowing who moves in over the summer,” she said.