Borough looking for public input on parking ban


NAUGATUCK — The borough is currently reviewing the list of roads exempt from the winter parking ban ordinance and wants the public to weigh in on the issue.

The winter parking ban forbids the parking of any vehicles on any road from the beginning of snow or ice fall, or other dangerous conditions, until 12 hours after such conditions have passed.

Many areas of town have limited or no access to off-road parking, and specific roadway exceptions to this winter parking ban are reasonable under those circumstances.

A list of these roadway exceptions was established many years ago and has been edited on numerous occasions. As a result, this list has become difficult for the public to understand where the winter parking ban is or is not in effect.

The Naugatuck Police Department, in cooperation with the Naugatuck Police Commission, is working on revising and reformatting the list

The current list of exceptions to the winter parking ban can be viewed online at on the “Public Safety” page.

Naugatuck residents and other stakeholders are encouraged to review the list and contact Deputy Chief Joshua Bernegger with the names of any roads they feel may qualify for exemption from the winter parking ban due to limited or no access to off-road parking.

Bernegger can be contacted by e-mail at, or at (203) 729-5222.

All feedback received from the community will be considered as the exception list is re-constructed.