Borough likely to acquire water company land



NAUGATUCK – The borough is expected to acquire a few Connecticut Water Co. parcels mainly for open space and a new ball field.

The Board of Mayor and Burgesses approved an agreement between the borough and the water company for the purchase of the three parcels near two borough reservoirs.

The borough is close to finalizing a deal to buy a 17-acre parcel for $60,000 south of Mulberry Reservoir which will include about a 2.5 acre area to build a new ball field adjacent to the Kevin M DelGobbo Memorial Field, a 9-acre parcel west of the Candee Reservoir for $29,000, and a 9.36-acre parcel west Mulberry Reservoir for $28,000, Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess said.

“In the open space areas we’re building trail networks that will provide beautiful walking trails and provide views of the Candee and Mulberry reservoirs,” Hess said.

Some funds were already set aside with the remaining balance coming from capital reserve funds. The borough will probably begin clearing and grading this year and start construction for the field next year, Hess said.

“We’ve made quite a few new trials in the last several years. They’re all mapped,” Hess said. “Eventually we’ll get them all on the state website, CT Trail Finder.”

The mayor said the borough is expected to obtain ownership of the land in the next month or two.

“The rest of the land will be maintained as open space as will the other two parcels in their entirety and we’re connecting some existing trails and we’re going to have them mapped and there’s going to be a new trail network by the east side of Naugatuck,” said Hess, who added it’s a beautiful hiking area.

If people are walking on that path and the meander to the left, they work their down to the Mulberry Reservoir but if they go in the direction toward the right, they will end up toward Candee Reservoir with both areas being gorgeous spots, Hess said.

“The idea here is that we’re going to have trails and CERT is going to make sure together with the police and the town in general that people are not swimming in the reservoir and things like that. So we’ll respond to complaints, make periodic inspections and just keep the area the way it is now,” Hess said. “There’s people walking around there now and we’ll just make sure that we do the best we can to protect the reservoirs.”