School board hires assistant business manager

Naugatuck Board of Finance Chairman Robert Butler, Jr. (holding the paper) has been hired as the borough’s new assistant business manager. –RA ARCHIVE

NAUGATUCK — The Board of Education has hired an assistant business manger.

Robert Butler Jr., who, until recently was the chairman for the Board of Finance, will step into the role of assistant business manager by the end of the month for the school board.

Butler will assist Wayne McAllister, the school board’s current business manger.

McAllister took over the role of business manager for the Board of Education along with his duties as borough controller in 2009. At that time, the school board was going through a budget crisis and McAllister has held both positions since.

“I presume I’ll be doing most of the day-to-day requirements that Wayne McAllister has been handling with the two jobs,” Butler said. “That will be delineated as this is a new position.”

Butler will work solely for the Board of Education, school board Chairman David Heller explained.

This is the first new job that Butler has undertaken in three decades as he will leave his current position of manager of treasury, contracts, and analysis at General DataComm.

Butler said that he decided to apply for the assistant business manager position for personal reasons and the need for a change.

Butler said having chaired the finance board he will bring a unique perspective to the position.

“It’s an outside perspective with some knowledge of how the town and school businesses and operations work,” Butler said.

Mayor Robert Mezzo said that the decision of who will replace Butler as the chairman of the finance board will be made in the coming weeks. The vacant space on the board will be filled at a later date, he said.

Mezzo said that the Board of Finance’s loss would certainly be the Board of Education’s gain.

“Mr. Butler did a fantastic job for us during difficult financial times,” Mezzo said.

(Editor’s note: The story originally incorrectly indicated that the borough of Naugatuck hired Butler as the assistant business manager. Butler was hired by the Board of Education as an employee of the school board.)