Borough extends golf pro’s contract

Hop Brook Golf Course head Golf Pro Bob Clark, who started the job in May, recently received a one-year contract extension from the Board of Mayor and Burgesses. –FILE PHOTO

NAUGATUCK — The borough’s golf pro will return to the greens for another year.

The Board of Mayor and Burgesses renewed Bob Clark’s contract as golf pro at Hop Brook Golf Course during its meeting last Tuesday.

“I’m happy to come back,” Clark said.

Clark, who was hired in May, said he has not yet had a full year to prove what he can do at the course. He said he’s looking forward to having a full year to show what changes he can make at the course.

Offering Nike golf equipment in the Pro Shop will be among the changes.

“I’m really excited about their product line,” said Clark, a Naugatuck resident. “Their equipment program has taken off and is top of the line.”

Mayor Robert Mezzo explained that the contract remains primarily the same, with the only change being a defined per diem rate outside of the normal season, which runs April 1 through Nov. 30.

According to the contract, Clark will earn a base salary of $600 a week during the season.

Out of season, Clark will be paid an hourly rate of $15, up to a maximum of $600 per week.

Under the contract, Clark is not eligible for benefits, such as paid sick days or health insurance, from the borough.

The contract also stipulates that Clark is allowed to use the pro shop to sell golf-related items. Clark is allowed to keep all profits from the sale of golf-related items that he has purchased for the pro shop and will not be reimbursed for any losses incurred with respect to such items. The borough takes the profit from food and drink sales at the pro shop and is responsible for any losses.

Under the contract, Clark is allowed to give private golf lessons at Hop Brook any time he is not working for the borough. However, during those times, the contract states that Clark is not acting as an employee of the borough and, consequently, the borough is not responsible for any liability insurance.

Clark was pleased with the contract and has his sights set on increasing attendance at the nine-hole course in the coming season.

“We’ll be addressing the needs, we have to get the numbers other local courses are seeing,” Clark said. “Our numbers are down, but there’s a lot of excitement around here.”

Mezzo said Clark brings zeal to the job.

“Bob brings a lot of passion to the position, and I think he showed a strong willingness to try some innovative programs at the golf course,” Mezzo said.

Mezzo said that the board’s consensus was to offer Clark the position for another year and reassess it again next year.