Borough extends golf pro’s contract


Hop Brook Golf Course pro Bob Clark received a three-year contract extension from the borough. –FILE PHOTO
Hop Brook Golf Course pro Bob Clark received a three-year contract extension from the borough. –FILE PHOTO

NAUGATUCK — The Board of Mayor and Burgesses approved a three-year contract extension for Hop Brook golf pro Bob Clark Tuesday night.

Clark, who was hired in 2012 as the pro for the nine-hole municipal golf course, has been working on one-year agreements with the borough.

Mayor Robert Mezzo said the borough believed it was wise to extend Clark’s contract due to the increased programming at the course and the work Clark has been doing.

 “We believe his performance has been exceptional there,” Mezzo said.

According to the contract, Clark will be paid a weekly rate of $625 between April 1, 2014 and Nov. 30, 2014, which is considered to be the golf season at Hop Brook.

The contract states that for the next two years Clark’s salary will not be any less than the year prior.

If Clark works any time before April 1 or after Nov. 30 he will be paid a per diem hourly rate of his weekly salary divided by 40.

According to the contract the position does not receive any other benefits from the borough, such as health or dental insurance and paid vacation days.

During his time at Hop Brook, Clark oversaw renovations to the pro shop, which now sells a wider variety of items.

According to the contract, Clark is responsible for the costs related to purchasing the golf-related items sold in the shop and keeps the profits made from their sale. Clark’s contract also allows him to utilize the course for private lessons.

Clark has also increased the number of tournaments played this year, including hosting one for Ryan Trochsler, a Naugatuck teen who has cystic fibrosis.

 “I think Bob’s doing a great job,” Burgess Robert Neth said.

Clark said he’s looking forward to opening the course next year.

“There are a lot of good things going on down there,” Clark said. “Everything is looking really good. There’s a lot of excitement for 2014 down there.”

Clark said that his long-term goal is to increase course membership.

“Especially more of the younger generation. Our senior numbers are up immensely over any other golf course in the state of Connecticut. We’re lacking in junior participation and family participation. That’s going to be my number one goal for the next three years,” Clark said.