Borough detective tops in his class


Ronald Pugliese
Ronald Pugliese

NAUGATUCK — Det. Ronald “Jay” Pugliese scored in first place at the Fairfield County Detective Conference.

The training course, which was held May 10 in Fairfield, is an intensive two-week school that covers all aspects of criminal investigation, including, crime scene processing, evidence packaging and laboratory testing, identity theft and financial crimes investigations, gangs, interview and interrogation and burglary and stolen vehicle investigations. The course also covers search warrant and arrest warrant preparation, legal procedures and search and seizure and arrest applicable laws.

Pugliese scored 93.27 overall out of a class of 21 students whose average was 88.6.  Naugatuck police have a history of performing well at this conference as Naugatuck’s Sgt. Laura Harrison came in first place in 2003 and Lt. Steven Hunt came in second place in 2002.