Borough, city to share grant for fire equipment


NAUGATUCK — Naugatuck and Waterbury will share a $295,264 federal firefighting grant announced last week, using the money for equipment and training.

Under the jointly prepared grant application, the two departments will buy 14 thermal imaging cameras, six rotary saws, six chainsaws, a number of safety rope kits, a training aid for forcing open doors, 214 safety harnesses, escape rope kits, two rescue breathing kits, along with training.

Waterbury, being the larger department, will take home more of the equipment. It will also bear a larger share of costs. Altogether, the items supported by the grant will cost $324,790. Waterbury will cover $24,564 of the expense for the grant and Naugatuck will pay $4,962.

Naugatuck Assistant Fire Chief John Debisschop said the equipment will provide top-notch survival training, replace outdated equipment and expand the department’s capabilities. All of the department’s front-line fire vehicles will now carry thermal imaging cameras, he said.