Borough begins appraisal process for reval


NAUGATUCK — Naugatuck is starting work for the revaluation of all real estate in the borough. This revaluation will be effective for the grand list of Oct. 1. Tax bills for the new revaluation will be due by July 1, 2013.

The borough has contracted with Tyler Technologies/CLT Appraisal Services to assist with the work. The process will be ongoing through most of 2012.

In the coming weeks, data collectors from Tyler/CLT will begin inspecting individual properties that have sold since Oct. 1, 2010. Data collectors will carry an official photo identification badge and will be registered with the assessor’s office and police department. Property owners should not allow anyone to enter their building without proper identification. Data collectors will ask permission to inspect the interior of each property. They will verify the exterior measurements of each building and ask for verification of recent sales information. The data collectors will not be able to answer questions regarding value, assessments or taxes.

Property owners will be asked to sign the data collection form to verify that they witnessed an interior inspection. If no one is present, the data collector will verify the exterior measurements of all buildings and Tyler/CLT will mail a letter requesting that the owner call for an appointment. For more information, property owners can call the Assessor’s office at (203) 720-7016.