Borough attorney to run for Congress


WALLINGFORD — Naugatuck attorney Jerry Labriola, Jr. announced Monday that he will seek the Republican nomination to the third U.S. Congressional district, in hopes of challenging 20-year incumbent Democrat Rosa DeLauro.

Citing what he called “flawed leadership” in a Democratic-controlled Congress, Labriola characterized himself as a friend to business.

“We must end the government takeover of America and give the people of Connecticut a new voice,” Labriola said in a statement announcing his candidacy. “Our nation is heading in the wrong direction, and we must restore the private sector of our economy to create jobs and opportunity for all.”

Labriola and his brother, State Rep. David K. Labriola (R-131), own the borough law firm Labriola & Labriola. His father, Dr. Jerry Labriola, is a former state senator.

Jerry Labriola, Jr. has been the Connecticut Republican State Central Committee treasurer since 2006. Before that, he was a committee member, from 2002-06, and state chairman of the Connecticut Federation of Young Republicans, from 1982-84. He has been a member of the Wallingford Republican Town Committee since 1989.

Labriola also is head coach of the Ansonia High School girls’ soccer team.

In his campaign statement, Labriola accused DeLauro of being “absent from her district in pursuit of a Washington agenda that has not created jobs for business, nor has it protected seniors from uncertain healthcare rationing, and it has failed to provide free-market approaches to challenges government created.”

Labriola said he plans to visit every city and town in the third district over the next few months and cast himself as an underdog against “an incumbent who can summon millions from every special interest in Washington.”

“There will be a new congressman for Central Connecticut in 2010 because the people deserve someone who gets it, who understands the strength of our nation is based on individuals and the liberty to pursue one’s dreams,” he said in the statement. “This election offers a clear choice between the failed, big-government model of Rosa DeLauro or the accountable, opportunity-based and growth-oriented ideas promoted by those who see our greatest days ahead.”