Books balancing in Beacon Falls



BEACON FALLS — Any concerns that the town’s books aren’t balanced have been put to rest. 

In January, the Board of Finance received an update on the audit of the 2012-13 budget. At the time, representatives of Mahoney Sable & Company, the Glastonbury-based company hired to perform the audit, told the board the general ledger was out of balance by approximately $800,000.

During the Board of Selectmen’s meeting Monday, First Selectman Christopher Bielik said the general ledger has been balanced.

“There should be no cause for concern from anybody in town that money is either misplace or missing or anything like that. The money was never missing. Some journal entries were missing, but those are all up to date,” Bielik said.

Mahoney Sable & Company Senior Manager Mike VanDeventer explained in January the imbalance could have been caused by the previous auditor using one-sided entries, which means the auditor recorded the money the town spent but not the money it received.

The town has recently purchased new software that does not allow one-sided entries and is running it in concert with the old software this year. The old software will be retired after this audit process.

Bielik said there are still a few issues that are outstanding, but those are expected to be cleared up by the time the audit is finalized.

“We’re confident that we will have the audit complete prior to the Feb. 28 deadline,” Bielik said.


  1. So, the Board of Finance cried wolf? Embarrassing for them. I am sure that an apology will be forthcoming for unnecessarily alarming the public and suggesting that town officials and employees were dishonest.