Bond package vote soon


The Board of Selectmen will vote to pass a resolution to send a bond package totaling about $6.5 million to the Board of Finance on Dec. 13. The package would include $5 million for road repairs, $125,000 for mandated fuel tank removal, $1 million for a sewer plant upgrade, and $230,000 for air breathing apparatus equipment for the Fire Department. The Fire Department also asked for a ladder truck, pumper truck, and ambulance, but the Board of Finance decided that this is not the right time to spend on these items, given the current economic conditions. The Board of Selectmen thought residents should have the right to decide, but the Board of Finance has the final say. The Board of Finance met with the Fire Department November 29 to discuss other options.

If the Board of Finance passes the resolution on their Dec. 14 meeting, the package will go to referendum in the beginning of January. Anyone who is a registered voter or taxpayer in Beacon Falls will be able to vote on each item of the package.