Candidate profile: Diana Malone


Diana Malone

Diana Malone

Diana Malone


Board of Education candidate

Why are you running for this position?
“I am running because I care greatly about the children of Naugatuck. I believe a good education is essential to the development of our youth. I have always wanted to serve on the Board of Education, but never had the time to devote to it. I now have the time and willingness to be a committed board member.”

Have you held public office in the past? If so, what positions and when?
“No, I have not held public office.”

What experience makes you qualified for this position?
“I hold an associates degree in early childhood education. I am a mother and grandmother, and I believe that the students of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”

If elected, what are your priorities and goals?
“If elected, I would like to help assure a quality education for all students. Safety is a very important issue and is my number one priority. I would also like to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each school to improve the quality of our school system.”