Candidate profile: Deanna Krzykowski

Deanna Krzykowski
Deanna Krzykowski

Deanna Krzykowski


Board of Education candidate

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Why are you running for this position?

“I think it is important for more young people to get involved. I have experience working with several school systems including Naugatuck and feel my role in assisting students, families, teachers and administers work together to achieve common goals will be of value to the board.”

Have you held public office in the past? If so, what positions and when?

“I am currently on the Planning commission.”

What experience makes you qualified for this position?

“I have a range of experience advocating for the mental health system learning the needs of the schools system and its employees, the students and family units.  Attempting to balance the struggles so children can receive a quality education is everyone’s goal and can be approached form many angles.  My knowledge of many conventional and creative problem solving techniques can help to relieve some of the struggles currently faced.”

If elected, what are your priorities and goals?

“Ensuring the students in our educational system receive quality learning is the main priority.  There have been obvious recent issues with the budget that need to be looked at and addressed.  Establishing healthy and productive forms of discourse between the institutions, administrators, board and the community is important to maintaining what has worked and establishing new strategies for what is not as effective.”