Board OKs budget transfers for capital improvements


PROSPECT — The Region 16 Board of Education last week approved transfers totaling $249,684 from contingency to help pay for capital improvements.

The bulk of that money — $194,793 — is earmarked for new air handling units for Long River Middle School. There are six units on the roof of the school that are about 20 years old. Officials plan to buy as many of the six new HVAC units needed as they can with the money.

The board also transferred $41,391 to pay for architectural drawings and the request for proposals for the HVAC project, and $13,500 for bird netting at Prospect Elementary School. Birds have been pecking away at insulation and caulk in between windows near the cafeteria at the school and their droppings have also caused a mess in areas near the cafeteria. Officials hope the bird netting with keep birds away from the building.

The board previously transferred the funds to contingency. The funds were designated to pay for tuition and transportation for unanticipated special education students that need services outside the district. The district hasn’t had any unanticipated special education placements through January, which allowed the board last week to transfer an additional $82,800 from the accounts to contingency. The balance of the contingency account was $167,598 after the transfers.