Board awards bid for drainage work


BEACON FALLS — The town is moving forward with repairs to Skokorat Road, starting with fixing drainage issues.

The Board of Selectmen last week awarded a bid for $47,000 to Swan Excavation Co. of Beacon Falls for the drainage repairs. The company submitted the lower of two bids for the work.

First Selectman Christopher Bielik said in a subsequent interview that sections of the road from about Nyumph Place to Lantern Ridge Road collapsed over the past few months due to the metal drainage pipes under that section of the road rusting and breaking. He said the plan is to redo that section of the road this year. The milling and repaving of the road will be bid out and done separately from the drainage work.

The drainage repairs include removing about 660 feet of metal storm drain pipe and installing a new pipe, installing a new catch basin, replacing about 620 feet of curbing, and removing and replacing two driveway aprons.

The money for the project will come from funds set aside in previous years for road work, Bielik said.