Board approves signs to ease truck traffic


BEACON FALLS — The Board of Selectmen, acting as the town’s Traffic Authority, voted last week to install traffic signs in hopes of alleviating issues in two trouble areas in town.

The board voted to place “No Through Trucks” signs on Pondview Circle and the entrance to West Road.

Residents of Pond Spring Village, which is located on Pondview Circle, have complained that large trucks were cutting through their residential neighborhood to get to the Pinesbridge Commerce Park.

First Selectman Christopher Bielik said the majority of the trucks traveling through the neighborhood exited Route 8 off Exit 24 and came over the Depot Street Bridge. He said officials plan to place signs at the end of the off-ramp and near the Depot Street Bridge informing truck drivers heading to the Pinesbridge Commerce Park to use South Main Street and Lancaster Drive.

Bielik said the town is also considering placing signs directing any truck that ends up at Pondview Circle to use the Pent Road Recreation Complex to turn around.

“Our hope is they see enough signage and never get that far,” Bielik said.

The signs would allow the town to fine truck drivers who continue to use Pondview Circle as a cut-through to the commerce park, Bielik said.

The board is currently in the processing of deciding exactly where to place the signs and determine what the state allows for fines, Bielik said.

The town currently has a “No Through Truck” sign at the entrance of Rimmon Hill Road to prevent trucks from driving through residential neighborhoods from Seymour. A corresponding sign is placed on Seymour’s side of the road. However, trucks have been traveling down West Street in Oxford, which turns into West Road in Beacon Falls, and over to Rimmon Hill Road, Bielik said.

“We realized we had a hole here,” Bielik said. “Right now there is no “No Through Trucks” sign in that area so trucks could come in and continue to Rimmon Hill Road.”

The board voted in favor of placing the sign at the Beacon Falls end of the road. Bielik said he has been working with Oxford First Selectman George Temple to have a sign placed on the road in Oxford.