Board approves repairs to bathroom floor


NAUGATUCK — The Board of Mayor and Burgesses last week approved spending up to $5,000 to fix the floor in the men’s bathroom at the Naugatuck Senior Center.

The issue of the floor came to light last month when senior center Director Harvey Frydman showed the Board of Finance pictures of the floor, showing missing tiles and damage, while presenting the center’s 2019-20 budget request. At the time, Frydman explained there had already been instances of people tripping and falling on the floor.

Officials were concerned that someone might get injured and agreed the repairs should be done sooner than July, when the new budget is supposed to go into effect.

Burgess Michael Bronko, who owns Bronko Construction with his son Seth Bronko, a Board of Finance member, had inspected the floor for repair at the request of Frydman.

According to Michael Bronko, the original plan of covering the floor with vinyl would only be a temporary fix and need to be replaced again in a few years.

Michael Bronko said the plywood under the tile might be rotten and, if it was, both the tile and the plywood would have to be replaced.

Officials planned to seek bids for the work, which is expected to take a week to finish once it starts. The money will come out of this fiscal year’s budget.