Board approves contract extension with MIRA


NAUGATUCK — The Board of Mayor and Burgesses last week voted to extend its contract with Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority, or MIRA, for 10 years.

MIRA, which is a quasi-public organization, is where the borough’s trash is brought after it is collected by Copes Waste Solutions.

Public Works Director James Stewart said entering into a long-term contract, as opposed to a short-term deal, would save the borough money.

The borough pays $66 a ton for waste disposal under its contract, which expires in November, with MIRA, Stewart said.

According to Stewart, MIRA officials said the borough’s rate would likely to rise to $70 a ton after the contract expires. However, by entering into the long-term contract, the borough would be guaranteed a rate of $68, he said.

“Basically it is going to cost us $15,000 more than what we are paying this year. But if we don’t switch we are paying $30,000 more,” Stewart said.

Stewart said the 2017-18 spending plan budgets for $68 a ton.

Stewart said there is an “opt out” clause in its contract if the cost rises above $65 a ton, which it is now.

“So if something better comes along we can opt out at any time,” Stewart said.

The borough brings recyclables to Winter Brothers in Shelton, which pays the borough $15 a ton, Stewart said.