Board approves bid for abatement work


NAUGATUCK — Asbestos abatement work at Hillside Intermediate School is slated to begin this summer.

The Board of Mayor and Burgesses awarded a contract for $190,000 to Hartford-based Oscars Abatement, LLC Tuesday night to do the abatement and repair a steam pipe at Hillside.

Controller Robert Butler said there is asbestos in the insulation of the steam pipe and the pipe has begun leaking. He said the state will refund the borough 75 percent, or $142,500, since the work is for asbestos abatement. 

Butler said the borough has money budgeted and set aside for the project.

Since the amount originally budgeted was $173,000, Burgess Rocky Vitale questioned if the state had agreed to cover 75 percent of the $190,000.

Butler said the state agreed to cover up to $235,000.

Butler said the work was originally requested three years ago. However, due to the state not being able to monetarily back the borough and the work having to be approved by a variety of borough boards, the work has not taken place yet.

“This particular program took three years to get all the approvals,” Butler said.

Butler said the work will begin the day after school ends. The last day of school is currently June 24. The work needs to start no later than June 30 so that it can begin in this current fiscal year.