BNE calls for Siting Council VP to abstain from Prospect vote


Just one day before the Connecticut Siting Council is scheduled to render a decision on the Wind Prospect project, the vice-chairman of the council, Colin Tait, has recused himself from the proceedings for a similar project in Colebrook.

In a letter to Siting Council Chair Robert Stein, Tait explained that he is a member of the Colebrook Land Conservancy. Although it is not a party or intervener in the petition, the Land Conservancy has made statements during public comment and written letters to the Siting Council and Department of Environmental Protection opposing the project. Joyce Hemingson, president of FairwindCT, Inc., an intervener opposing the Colebrook projects, served as a witness during the proceedings. Hemingson is also secretary of the Land Conservancy.

“I believe that I have conducted myself impartially in my participation thus far, but avoid even the appearance of impropriety, I am recusing myself effective immediately,” Tait wrote in the letter.

The two Colebrook petitions were filed by BNE Engery, the same company petitioning to build two wind turbines in Prospect.

“Because the groups he is associated with are also connected to FairWind and the Prospect project, BNE will be filing a motion today asking him to recuse himself from that vote as well,” wrote Patty McQueen, a spokesperson for BNE in an e-mail.