Black bear sighted in Prospect


A black bear, like the one in the picture above from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s website, has been sighted in Prospect Monday and Tuesday.

PROSPECT — A black bear has been sighted in Prospect.

Resident State Trooper Matt Comeau said the town’s animal control officer responded to a black bear sighting in the Pinecrest Drive area on Monday. On Tuesday morning, a black bear was sighted in the Clark Hill Road and Route 68 area, Comeua said.

Officers responded to the calls both days but weren’t able to catch up with the bear, Comeua said. However, the department received a lot of reports from people who saw it, he said.

Comeau said on Tuesday morning the bear was seen heading towards the Naugatuck town line. As of the time of this post, the Naugatuck Animal Control Office had not received any calls about a black bear sighting.

This is not the first time a bear has been sighted in Prospect.

Comeau said since June of last year there have been three bear sightings in the Scott Road area of Prospect.

Comeau said if residents spot a bear they can call the police department at (203) 758-6150 or the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection at (860) 424-3333.

DEEP spokesman Dwayne Gardener said the department was not called in to deal with the bear and had no further information.

The DEEP has released a list of what people should do if they spot a bear either at home or while hiking. The list can be viewed here.