Beacon Falls undergoing revaluation 


BEACON FALLS — The town has begun the process of revaluating property.

The state requires municipalities to perform property revaluations every five years to assess the current market values of properties for tax purposes.

The Coventry-based Appraisal Resource Group, Inc. is doing the revaluation. Company employees will be in town through Oct. 14 physically inspecting some homes and photographing others.

Officials said anyone working with the company will have identification badges and their vehicles will be marked with the company’s name.

“The purpose of a revaluation is to value all properties by the same standards at the same point in time. Changes in value occur in any community over a period of time,” a press release from the Assessor’s Office stated. “Neighborhoods change and the desirability of some properties change, meaning that some properties have become over-valued or under-valued when compared to similar properties.”

Homeowners are expected to receive a notice of their new assessment in November. The new assessments will create the 2016 grand list.

Once residents receive their new assessment notice the Appraisal Resource Group and Assessor June Chadderton will be available to answer any questions. If a resident feels an error has been made, he or she can set up an appointment for an informal hearing to discuss any concerns.