Beacon Falls, town hall union agree to contract


BEACON FALLS — The town and Beacon Falls Town Hall Employees Union have reached an agreement on a new, four-year contract.

The contract, which was ratified late last year and signed this month, is retroactive to July 1, 2019 and runs through June 30, 2023.

Under the contract, employees received retroactive 2% raises this fiscal year. Employees will receive 2.5% raises in the three remaining years of the contract.

Under the contract, the town offers employees who work a minimum of 30 hours per week health insurance through the Connecticut Partnership Plan 2.0. Employees pay a $350 annual deductible for themselves and family members for in network coverage. The deductible is $300 for an employee and $900 for family members out of network, according to the contract.

The medical insurance bargained between the town and the union expires on June 30. The two sides will begin negotiations by March 1 to find another medical plan, according to the contract.

The financial impact of the contract is an additional $25,361 this fiscal year, according to officials. The increase includes $11,000 for wage increases, $12,000 more for an increase in the town’s pension contribution, and a $2,361 increase in healthcare costs, Finance Manager Natasha Nau said.

The contract also includes changes in several areas.

The town will no longer provide vacation pay for employees who are terminated for a reason. Employees hired after July 1, 2019, aren’t eligible for longevity pay or to receive pay for unused sick leave when they retire.

Starting this fiscal year, the town nurse will receive four weeks of vacation and six sick days a year, according to the contract.