Beacon Falls Town Hall needs a new boiler


BEACON FALLS — The town is in the market for a new boiler.

The 20-year-old boiler at Town Hall is in disrepair and leaking, Beacon Falls First Selectmen Christopher Bielik said. Repairs have been made to keep it going, he said, but to completely fix it wouldn’t make economic sense.

The town doesn’t have the cost yet for a new boiler and is getting quotes from three companies, Bielik said.

It’s estimated the work will cost more than $20,000, though it possibly could come in under that amount. Typically, expenditures over $20,000 have to go to a town meeting for approval, unless it’s an emergency situation. Officials have deemed replacing the boiler an emergency.

To ensure the town can move forward with replacing the boiler as soon as possible, the Board of Selectmen this month approved a motion authorizing officials to go ahead with the work as soon as bids are received.


  1. This current First Selectman can do or say anything he wants. Rumor has it all town employees find him extremely inept. Let’s hope in November someone not tied to the DTC will stand up to the machine.

  2. Rumors have it that the 1st Selectman is bending the emergency provision rule for convenience to avoid a town vote, not because this is a real emergency. Personnel at Town Hall have stated that the boiler has been leaking for a number of years, and apparently yes, it has gotten worse and yes parts might be hard to find. Never the less it is still working well enough that no one is cold and that there was plenty of time for the 1st Selectman to reach out for three bids. Of course if there was a town meeting, no one would show up in opposition because who would vote in favor of allowing town hall employees to freeze!