Beacon Falls to study speeding on Burton Road, considering deterrents


BEACON FALLS — Officials plan to study how fast cars drive on Burton Road to determine whether to install speed tables on the street.

First Selectman Gerard Smith said residents have complained that people drive over 40 mph on Burton Road. The speed limit is 25 mph.

“We’re going to do a study to find the actual average speed to determine if there’s an actual need for a speed table,” Smith said.

The speed tables, which are similar to speed bumps but typically flatter, would be installed between Cook Lane and Highland Avenue, Smith said. While they help reduce speeding, Smith said they can also present problems for snow plows and emergency vehicles.

Smith said police will conduct random studies on the road to test how fast people are going. He said the study is expected to be finished by mid-November and officials will use the information to decide how to proceed.