Beacon Falls hires full-time officer


BEACON FALLS — The Board of Selectman voted to hire Art Denz as a full-time police officer.

Denz currently serves the town part-time. The position would fill others left vacant when two part-time, 30-hour-per-week officers reduced their shifts to eight per month and a third officer left on medical leave, according to First Selectman Susan Cable.

“We felt this was the most economical, fiscally wise way to get the coverage we want,” Cable said.

Denz will work the tactical and midnight shift.

Cable said the town is still looking to hire a couple new part-time officers who are already certified to fill more slots left opened by retired officers.

The new hires will have no impact on the budget, Cable said.

She said Prospect, Bethany, and Beacon Falls are still looking in to sharing resident troopers.

Laraine Weschler