Beacon Falls grand list increases nearly 3%


By Andreas Yilma, Staff Writer

BEACON FALLS — The town’s 2020 net grand list increased nearly 3% from 2019.

The 2020 grand list is about $503.8 million, an increase of about $14.3 million, or 2.92%, from the 2019 grand list.

A municipality’s grand list is a tabulation of the assessed taxable values of real estate, personal property and motor vehicles. The net grand list doesn’t include tax-exempt properties.

All three areas of the grand list increased from 2019.

The net assessed value of real estate increased $5.8 million, or 1.42%, to $418.3 million.

Assessor June Chadderton attributed the increase to new construction in town.

The net assessed value of personal property increased $4.7 million, or 16.76 %, to $32.8 million. Chadderton said the increase is due to larger, new businesses coming into town, including Berco Tank and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The net assessed value of motor vehicles increased $3.7 million, or 7.6%, to $52.6 million. Chadderton attributed this to residents buying new cars.

Based on the 2020-21 tax rate of 35.9 mills, the increase in the grand list equates to about $515,000 in additional tax revenue.

Top ten taxpayers

Connecticut Light & Power Co….$14,004,360

Beacon Mill NCM ET AL…$10,216,190

United Rentals North America Inc….$3,858,740

Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut…$3,423,620

Murtha Enterprises…$3,132,700

EG Home LLC…$2,587,420

SMSP – Connecticut LLC…$2,379,210

CRC Development LLC…$2,087,250

Seymour Beacon Falls LLC…$1,844,170

Mark Leonard…$1,785,920

The figures denote the net combined real estate, personal property and motor vehicle assessments for the taxpayers listed. Figures provided by the Beacon Falls Assessor’s Office.