Beacon Falls Fire Chief wants to expand bond package


Beacon Falls Fire Chief Mike Pratt is collecting signatures for a petition to include all items proposed by the Board of Selectmen Oct. 26 on the current bond package.

Pratt hopes to put a ladder truck for the fire company on the bond package because the town does not own any. Currently, the town borrows trucks and crews from nearby towns for fire emergencies. They had to borrow a ladder truck six times in the past month and a half, Pratt said.

He also wants to replace an ambulance, which was supposed to be replaced two years ago. The ambulance gets a lot of wear – they responded to 670 calls this year.

Pratt wants to purchase the ladder truck and pumper soon because there is a truck previously used for demonstrations on sale for $800,000, much less than the usual price of $1.5 million. A pumper is on sale for $275,000, down from a regular price of $675,000.
Other items discussed for the bond package include $150,000 for a pay loader, and $2 million in upgrades and maintenance for Matthies Park.

The current bond package would include $5 million for road repairs, $125,000 for mandated fuel tank removal, $1 million for a sewer plant upgrade, and $230,000 for air breathing apparatus equipment for the Fire Department.

Pratt plans to present the petition to the Board of Finance. If they reject it, he intends to present it to the Board of Selectmen.