Beacon Falls enrolls in prescription program


BEACON FALLS — The town wants to make it easier for residents to get their prescriptions filled.

First Selectman Gerard Smith announced that the town will enroll in the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities’ Prescription Discount Card Program.

“It’s a modified prescription drug program that people can use, who don’t have any [insurance], to get cheaper prescription drugs,” Smith explained.

CCM’s Member and Public Relations Director Kevin Maloney explained the program was launched in July to provide assistance to the uninsured and underinsured.

He went on to explain that, because the town is a member of CCM, the cards are provided at no cost to either the town or residents.

“There is no cost to the town, and it will provide real relief to residents who are in need,” Maloney said.

According to CCM’s website, residents using the discount card will see an average savings of 45 percent on their prescription medications.

Smith said there will be promotional materials going out and that the cards will be mailed to everyone in town in the coming weeks.

“Everyone in Beacon Falls is going to get one,” Smith said.

Smith said that he did research and had checked with the Beacon Falls Pharmacy before he decided to enroll the town in this program.

“Because we have a little pharmacy and I didn’t want to do something that would hurt him, I called him up and he’s gotten these from other towns,” Smith said.

According to CCM’s website this program is administered by ProAct, Inc., a company who has experience with discount cards and negotiating prices with various pharmacies.

“We’re working with a vendor who has worked successfully with New York State and we’re passing savings along,” Maloney said. “We’re really happy to be able to do it.”

Since Beacon Falls is enrolling in this program, everyone in town will be enrolled in this program, Maloney explained. There is no need for residents to sign up for anything. The cards will be mailed to all residents. There are no enrollment fees associated with the card.

Residents will not be able to combine it with any other discounts or insurance. CCM points out that if the pharmacy’s price is lower than the discount card price, the consumer gets the lower price.


  1. Cousin – Just goes to prove that no good deed goes unpunished. We now have leadership that is making efforts to help the residents of our community and we have to expect that not everyone will appreciate it.

    What I am not clear about after reading the news article is that the 1st Selectman apparently DID talk to the local pharmacy owners, so how do you say they were not consulted?

  2. So glad our leadership had the sense to consult with OUR pharmacy and keep it local. My insurance company has been pushing mail-order for years. I’ll think about it – WHEN BOB AND MARION OPEN A MAIL ORDER PRESCRIPTION BUSINESS.