Beacon Falls election results


NEWS_ElectionSignsBFThe following numbers are unoffocial. * Denotes winners

First Selectman

Chris Bielik (D): 973 (53%)*

Gerard Smith (R): 871 (47%)


Peter Betkoski (D): 965*

Dominick Sorrentino (R): 873*

Town Clerk

Len Greene Sr. (R): 1,044*

Kevin McDuffie (D): 783


Mike Krenesky (R): 976*

Wendy Rodorigo (D): 829

Tax Collector

Maryann Holloway (D): 994*

Ed Groth (R): 794

Board of Finance

Jim Huk (D): 908*

Brian Ploss (R): 833*

Board of Assessment Appeals

Ben Catanzaro (R): 929*

Eva Newall (D): 801

Zoning Board of Appeals

William Mis (R): 1,100*

Benjamin Smith (R): 1,010*

Susan Wisneski (D): 992*

Carl Gandarillas (D): 809

Michael Arnold (R): 786

Library Directors

Jessica DeGennaro (D): 1,038*

Patty Caldwell (D): 941*

Ronald Holzman (R): 732

David Dlugos (R): 705

Board of Education

Sheryl Feducia (D): 1,039*

Christine Arnold (R): 937*

David Rybinski (D): 777

Susan Ploss (R): 740


  1. Good morning,
    We’ve updated the post to reflect that Brian Ploss was also reelected. Thank you for catching that.

  2. I would ask the paper to review the Board of Finance as Brian Ploss also won reelection as there were two seats being considered.

    Congrats to the both Teams as clearly the voters of Beacon Falls saw the need to split their votes and both teams are well represented.

    Personally, thank you for your support.