Beacon Falls covers back taxes with 3 home sales


BEACON FALLS — The town sold three homes at tax auction, pulling in more than what was owed in back taxes for each.

Six properties had been set to be sold at auction June 23. But the back taxes for three of them—an auto repair shop at 215 South Main St. and vacant land at 251 and 253 South Main St.—were paid in full before the scheduled sale, State Marshal Arthur J. Davies said.

About 10 people brought a certified bank check of $10,000 as proof to bid, he said. The following homes were sold:

  • 139 Beacon Valley Road, owned by William Glick. Total due was $46,000, with the highest bid at $49,000, Davies said.
  • 106 Cook Lane, owned by Ruth Wisniewski Quinn. Total due was $54,000, with the highest bid at $61,000, Davies said.
  • 61 Feldspar Ave., owned by Martin Leonard Caine III as temporary administrator of the Estate of Dorothy Mayer. Total due was $52,000, with the highest bid at $76,000, Davies said.

Taxes owed for each piece of property extended back about five years, Tax Collector Mildred M. Jurzynski said.

The winning bidders must pay the balance within 10 days of the sale, Davies said.

A deed will be prepared for the new owner and held at Town Hall until a six-month statutory redemption period expires, Davies said.

The previous owner has six months to buy back the property. If not, the deed will be recorded and the transaction completed, he said.

Owners Michael T. Botti Sr. and John R. Lenners Jr., paid off the total due, including fees and other costs, for 215 South Main St. The total amounted to $37,780, Davies said.

The lien holder of the vacant land, owned by C & C Renewal, paid off the total due, including all costs, Davies said. Total due at 251 South Main St. was $16,151, and total due at 253 South Main St. was $17,753, Davies said.